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Heal Komfo AnokyeHeal Komfo AnokyeHeal Komfo Anokye

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The Asantehene 25th Anniversary Legacy Projects

The Asantehene’s 25th Anniversary Legacy Projects are a transformative initiative aimed at creating lasting impact in the Ashanti region and beyond, honouring the rich cultural heritage of the Asante people, and providing essential infrastructure and services for the health and wellbeing of the community.

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The Heal Komfo Anokye Project

The purpose of this proposal is to address the urgent need for infrastructural improvement in Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Ghana’s second-largest teaching hospital which receives referrals from 12 out of the 16 Regions of Ghana. Despite its reputation for providing quality and affordable healthcare services and conducting groundbreaking research, KATH faces serious infrastructural challenges that affect service delivery to patients, visitors, and staff.

The Asantehene 25th Anniversary Legacy Projects, as part of its impact mission, is mobilising resources and funding to implement a comprehensive solution that will improve Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’s (KATH) infrastructure and ensure that it continues to provide a more functional and efficient hospital environment that promotes healing, comfort, and safety for the people of Ashanti Region and beyond.

Specifically, the project seeks to:

Upgrade the infrastructure and facilities of the hospital wards to meet modern standards and improve the overall patient experience. This includes improving the lighting, ventilation, and sanitation systems, as well as installing modern medical equipment and technology.
Enhance the privacy and confidentiality of patients by providing well-partitioned areas that allow for proper isolation and infection prevention and control.
Increase the efficiency of the hospital wards to improve the flow of patients and staff within the hospital.
Create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for patients and visitors by improving the aesthetics and ambience of the hospital wards.
Improve the working conditions and safety of healthcare staff by providing adequate equipment, storage and rest areas.

Present Situation Assessment

The state of the hospital wards at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is a heartbreaking and sobering reality. Patients who come seeking medical care are met with a dilapidated and hazardous environment that offers little comfort, safety, or hope. Rusty and creaky beds, cracked and chipped floors, broken windows, and peeling paints are just a few of the distressing sights that greet patients and their families.

The windows in the wards are in a sorry state, with broken panes and frames that rattle every time the wind blows, letting in dust, noise, and even rainwater. The floor tiles are cracked, chipped, and worn out, posing a constant tripping hazard to both patients and staff. There are no firefighting systems in the wards, leaving patients and staff vulnerable to the ravages of fire. Instead, water storage tanks with booster pumps for cold water supply systems are present in front of the wards, with plumbing pipe works visible under the floor slabs. To make matters worse, a lot of plumbing UPVC piping works are laid and visible to all at every corner of the hospital, creating a maze of pipes that can confuse even the most experienced plumber. The old and overheating transformer units create a high risk of fire, while the outdated wiring and electrical systems pose a danger of electrocution.

The hospital’s lack of modern amenities, such as data networks, and the absence of ceiling works, nurses paging systems, and public address systems, only serve to exacerbate the already dire situation. It is a disheartening reality that no patient or family should have to face when seeking medical attention.

The current state of the hospital wards at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is a clear indication of the urgent need for renovation and upgrading. The situation is heartbreaking and demands immediate attention to provide patients with a safe, comfortable, and conducive environment to receive the care they need and deserve.

General Observations of Existing Situation

Absence of Fire detection and fighting systems
Lots of leakages
No data, telephone and nurse paging systems
Exposed electrical and plumbing pipes
No mosquito netting for windows
Uncoordinated and poor choice of floor and wall tiles
High solar ingress into wards leads to uncomfortable ward conditions
Proposed Solutions and Scope of Work


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